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Creating Home and Building Community Initiative

Congratulations to Isabella Geriatric Center in New York, New York!

Throughout the year, we will provide updates on this web site about the progress being made at Isabella Geriatric Center as they use a Performance Improvement model to create and sustain a care environment that promotes and supports resident directed care, resident preference, and resident comfort, combined with clinical excellence. Specifically, Isabella will use a Performance Improvement approach to make decisions about person-centered improvements in Isabella’s physical environment.

Please check back soon to find out more about this exciting project!


Overview of Grant Opportunity

Approaches to the delivery of long term care are changing dramatically. Traditional institution-centric models are giving way to resident-centered models. While there is no one right way to accomplish this, a common unifying theme is the creation of "home". The goal of Creating Home & Building Community II: The Urban Experience was to assist a non profit urban long term care facility during the process of becoming more resident-centered, including making significant changes to the built environment. Creating a resident-centered organizational culture in a deep and meaningful way is challenging. It requires change to management philosophy, organizational structure, job descriptions and performance evaluations, program philosophy, resident involvement in decision making, use of technology, Board-CEO relationship, vision and values statements, and of course, the built environment.


There are a number of excellent models of resident-centered long term care. Most of these models involve creating households, or even separate houses, for small groups of residents with consistent staffing, universal workers, and resident involvement in the important decisions that affect their lives. These models generally require substantial property for their construction, and are either low rise or ranch style in design, and are usually located outside of large metropolitan areas.


The Hulda B. and Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation recognized that this “free-standing household or neighborhood” may not be financially viable in an urban setting.  Property is just too expensive to acquire. Also, a typical urban home in a major metropolitan area is, in fact,  an apartment in a high rise structure. Yet, the underlying principles of increasing resident autonomy and empowerment, and providing relationship-based care are certainly as important for residents in urban locations, as in rural communities.  Therefore, the Creating Home & Building Community II: The Urban Experience was a grant opportunity designed to assist a nursing home in exploring new approaches to creating more resident-centered, relationship-based models that are appropriate for an urban setting. 



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